Transport of the deceased

Transporting the body is intended to occur from the place of death, the deceased’s home, the location decided for the wake or the hospital funeral parlor to the designated location where the funeral rites are performed (church or different place of worship). The transport service then continues to the cemetery, where the funeral home’s staff proceed with the burial of the coffin, or to the place of cremation.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli will ensure the completion of all the necessary paperwork for the transfer of remains and obtaining the necessary municipal permits for moving the body, whether within the municipality itself, from one to another, or to/from a foreign country.

Our entire fleet of funeral service vehicles is inspected periodically by the Local Health Authority (ASL), ensuring compliance with all hygienic and sanitary provisions laid down by law.
All our cars (hearses, funeral coaches, minivans and buses) are approved and have all the necessary licenses, permits and requirements for the transport of persons, transfers and journeys during funeral rites.




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