Our history

Our values and professional history go back a long way.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli was established in 1968 by its founder Angelo Pozzoli who sadly did not live to witness his company's growth as he passed away only two years later in 1970.
The business was continued by his energetic wife Angelina and their son Mario. Despite his young age Mario showed entrepreneurship skills and commercial acumen so in 1975 he took over the historical funeral home LA NOVESE that would become a reference point for the local community in Nova Milanese.
In those years he met colleague Paola Mariani, whose family ran the local funeral company in Meda, and after a year of engagement they married in 1981.

In the 80's the reputation of Servizi Funebri Pozzoli grew on the strength of its specialization in the field of repatriation of deceased to and from foreign countries.
Today it is not only a well-known funeral company serving the local communities of Nova Milanese and Lentate sul Seveso, but for anyone having to deal with a friend or relative's death anywhere in the world. Over the years Servizi Funebri Pozzoli has diligently assisted any client in need of special advice on economic, moral, religious citizenship issues. Nowadays Mario's son, Alberto Simone, represents the third generation for Servizi Funebri Pozzoli, ensuring the company keeps abiding by the same principles and values as those of grandfather Angelo, who founded it back in 1968.

Our work always bears the hallmark of professional care and human understanding. Our qualified staff operate 24/7, even on public holidays, to ensure a high standard of care and quality. We deliver such precision and meticulous attention to detail that we have become a benchmark in the field as well as a reliable partner in supporting the deceased's families at such a difficult time. The goal of Servizi Funebri Pozzoli is to offer the bereaved a chance to bid farewell to their beloved deceased in the most dignified and respectful manner possible, celebrating their life with a service suitable to the occasion. Indeed, as Funeral Directors we offer comprehensive assistance in arranging funerals of every creed and religion, ensuring the greatest respect is paid to specific cultural and religious requirements.

The strength behind our organization is the team of highly qualified, select professionals possessing all the necessary certifications and regularly trained. Our staff are able to assist clients in all aspects of legal and bureaucratic requirements, operating with discretion, dedication, and respect.
With the experience gained in over sixty years in the profession serving the local community, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli are able to guide and advise clients on the most practical and economical solutions, offering full-scale funeral plans and showing special attention to customized payments upon request.

Our expertise gained in this sector enables us to provide useful guidance, opt for appropriate services, explain the administrative process, organize the funeral in every detail, so as to relieve the bereaved of the most burdensome tasks, affording them the necessary privacy to share their grief.


Our ethical approach

Respect, dedication and professional care.
The choice of Funeral Directors should be made freely and fairly by the family, without any kind of outside interference or undue influence.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli work in accordance with a strict code of ethics that may be summarized as follows: being attentive to our clients' wishes and respecting their privacy at a time of mourning. In such a delicate and dramatic time, our thoughts are to pay particular attention to the feelings of those who are deeply affected by the loss. Ours is a professional presence that is also discreet, attentive and respectful.
Every kind of conduct that may curb this principle will constitute a breach of the professional code of ethics jointly signed by Servizi Funebri Pozzoli with the main Italian companies in the sector, associated under FENIOF. The Code of Conduct requires the signatories to pledge their commitment to important and precise requirements.

Servizi Funebri Pozzoli:

  • Guarantee dedication, precision, reliability and confidentiality throughout the duration of the funeral service;
  • Deliver their professional services deeply respecting any ethnic, religious and cultural differences, providing a well-planned and well-managed service to cater to any specific needs, both nationally and internationally;
  • Dedicates special attention to every aspect of the funeral service, including Funeral Costs and Pricing with clear and transparent fees, also taking into account the family's financial situation when saddled with a sudden and unwanted expense.
Non-negotiable values:
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli believe professional ethics represent a core value of their work. Our non-negotiable objectives include safeguarding and protecting the serenity of friends and family of the deceased, to offer them the greatest possible peace of mind in loving memory of the deceased, and a final opportunity to pay their last respects in private and discrete surroundings.

We offer the highest quality services tailored to the requirements, needs and possibilities of the client. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli understands "quality" as always acting in full adherence and compliance with the client's decisions in a transparent, consistent and fair manner.


Compliance with corporate identity is a basic tenet that Servizi Funebri Pozzoli has always upheld, practiced and strengthened over time. We are committed to preserving the cultural, religious, ethnic and ethical identity of our clients. Our staff must respect their privacy and confidentiality in all possible ways.


Bearing witness and providing support through the pain, thanks to the experience and professionalism of our staff: Servizi Funebri Pozzoli assures its clients to work tirelessly with families and relatives with discretion and confidentiality, solving problems and fulfilling all technical and bureaucratic formalities. Our staff is highly trained and ready to answer all your questions, requests or concerns. We are always discreetly present.


Professional conduct is always linked to understanding, humanity and respect for the dignity of the deceased and for the pain of the bereaved. From embalming the body to welcoming the guests, from staging the funeral service until the burial is over, our highly trained and professionally impeccable staff shall keep a watchful eye to forestall any misconduct that may offend the sensibilities of those attending.

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