Funeral practices, obituaries and announcements

In this time of grief and mourning for a loved one’s passing, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli will ensure that the social and legal requirements are met on behalf of the family, to ease the burden of paperwork and red tape on people already deeply affected by loss and pain.
Among the concerns on the death of a loved one, there is need for timely decisions with regard to administrative, bureaucratic, logistical and technical issues concerning customary observances for the dead and arrangements made for disposition of the body: the death certificate, a permit to transport the coffin, permits for conducting the funeral, and cemetery permits for the burial.

Obituaries and announcements
As well as handling the funerary practices, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli has an office dedicated to sending requests for obituaries to major provincial, national and international newspapers. We contribute to the text and graphics, providing valuable advice in order to achieve the desired effect. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli also delivers an epigraphs and inscriptions service, dealing with the paperwork required in municipalities (where the service is allowed), and arranging for the printing of the death notices.



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