Cemetery arrangements

The appearance of the place where the deceased is buried is very important as it keeps the memory of the loved one alive and in some way continues to communicate their presence to surviving family and friends. So, having gone through innumerable changes under different civilizations and over the centuries, funerary art with headstones and funeral monuments still bears great if not solemn significance today. It is essential to customize the burial space so that it can suitably represent, tastefully and elegantly, the beloved departed who has been laid to rest there. As for the composition of the burial, this too falls within the tasks that close family are called upon to perform at this time of farewell. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli and its dedicated staff are able to assist its clients in the selection and arrangement of every detail.

Upon having to choose whether to bury or dispose of the remains in a funerary urn, a columbarium wall or a family chapel, clients may choose from a wide range of tastefully selected options, catering to the most varied demands.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli offers its clients a wide choice of materials for the headstone or gravestone, such as marble, stone and granite. The sealing of the grave can also be supplemented by a large number of bronze and marble accessories in varying shapes or processing styles, best representing the image that the family wish for the tomb to project.

Thanks to the company’s decade-long collaborations with the most skilled artists in the funeral services industry, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli can expertly assist its clients in choosing decorations that best suit the persona of deceased, while heeding the aesthetic sense of the bereaved, and celebrating the loved one’s earthly life, but with an eye to fair and functional pricing: from refined and elaborate plaques and ceramic memorial photos to full-fledged monuments such as bronze or stone statues, bas-reliefs, stained glass windows, mosaics and carvings.



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