In case of death occurring at a private residence, after having contacted on our 24h hotline (+39 0362 560474), the first thing to do is notify the family doctor or the non-stop assistance service to certify the death; they will issue an ISTAT certificate and a Notice of Death. The certificates must be submitted to the Health Authority (ASL) pathologist and subsequently forwarded to the Civil Registrar who will grant authorization for the funeral and burial of the deceased. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli staff will take charge of all these matters as well as proceed with the preparation and dressing of the deceased. In compliance with current legislation, the pre-burial wake may be held at a designated location other than the deceased's residence, e.g. at the funeral home. In case of death in hospital the management applies the procedures for confirming death and issuing the relevant certification. The body is not made immediately available to relatives, but only once it is placed inside the hospital morgue. From that point, the family may also decide to move the body to another location easier to reach or more appropriate. Among the services offered by Servizi Funebri Pozzoli there is also the possibility of transferring the deceased to our large funeral home, to arrange for the wake ahead of the funeral ceremony. In the event that the death occurs in the street or in public places, it is up to law enforcement agencies to provide for the transfer of the corpse. If death occurs as a result of accident or homicide, the body is transferred to designated observation rooms, as ordered by the competent authority. When necessary the Judicial Authorities may provide for the manner and timing of an autopsy. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli staff also take care to transfer the body from the place of death to the destination of choice (personal residence or elsewhere), while constantly keeping the family informed and tracking progress, acting as a liaison with the police and the authorities.
Italian law and the mortuary police regulations require at least 24 hours from the time of death before the coffin can be sealed and the funeral held. This limit is set at 48 hours in case of sudden death. There is no legal deadline as long as the body is stored in compliance with health regulations.
Death certificates are issued by Local Authority where the death occurred. Generally, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli delivers them to the family at the time of the funeral, but some large Municipalities (eg. Monza, Milan) may sometimes take a few days to issue a death certificate. In the event that the municipality where the person died is different from that of residence, death certificates will be available at the Civil Registry of the municipality of residence about 15-20 days from the date of death.
Municipal regulations specifically provide for the burial in local cemeteries. Generally the Local Authority authorizes the burial providing the deceased was born or had been a resident for at least one day prior to the date of death. Some local authorities may grant authorization even without these requirements, e.g. by paying a surcharge on municipal rates. Upon request, Servizi Funebri Pozzoli will check the applicable procedure with the designated municipality.
Of course, for many years now the Local Health Authority (ASL) authorizes the transportation of open caskets from any private or public facility where the deceased is stored to a private residence or funeral home. This may be arranged after at least 2 hours' observation in the morgue and in any case no later than 15 hours from the date of death.
Yes, in case the family chooses to proceed with the cremation of the body, a Servizi Funebri Pozzoli associate must accompany the next-of-kin to the Municipality where the person died (if different from the Municipality of residence) for the drafting of a document known as DECLARATION IN LIEU OF AFFIDAVIT FOR CREMATION or EXPRESSION OF WILL. This process is not necessary if, at the time of death, the deceased belonged to an organization advocating cremation (eg. SOCREM), in which case Servizi Funebri Pozzoli only requires the member registration number of the deceased.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli specializes in repatriating remains anywhere within Italy or indeed the world. Do not hesitate to contact us to get all the necessary information and a cost estimate. One of our staff will handle the lengthy bureaucratic protocols to be followed at Embassies and Consulates. Furthermore, thanks to our well-established network of contacts we are able to meet your every need wherever you are.
Servizi Funebri Pozzoli offers different services to families who wish to thank all those who have expressed their condolences at the time of bereavement. In a small community it is customary to put up memorial announcements a few days after the funeral with customized wording or set phrases. Alternatively, we can provide mourning cards and souvenirs with the image of the deceased to be sent in response to telegrams and condolence messages.
It depends. If the family is in a critical financial situation or the deceased was being followed by the social services, then the Local Authority might bear the expenses for a proper burial.
If the deceased had an insurance policy covering their journey, it is necessary to contact the operations center of the insurance company who will coordinate the repatriation operations; the cost of which will be covered up to the ceiling stipulated in the policy. Servizi Funebri Pozzoli is an official vendor and partner of leading Italian and international insurance companies who rely on our renowned expertise and experience in these emergency situations. If no insurance policy is present, you can contact us directly for a free quote, our multilingual staff and our international contacts spot will be able to complete the documentation and deliver any additional services required.


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